Latest in Beauty Box

Beauty subscription boxes have been around for some time now and they always seem like a great idea yet when they come I can't help but feel a little dissapointed, I never feel I get my moneys worth and half of the products I never use anyway! Latest in Beauty however is probably my most favourite beauty box subscription, without the actual subscription. The website allows you to personalise your box by choosing products which you would like to try a for just a one off payment, this allows you to place an order as little or as often as you like. There are over 200 products to choose from which are updated monthly and a lot of them are full size and the occasional luxury size sample. You can choose 3 products for £9 6 products for £15 and 9 products for £18! The products they have are all top brands both high street and luxury and they range from skincare, makeup, haircare, accessories and even candles. I ordered a personalised box and chose 9 products which were;